Decos Installation Instructions

1) When installing your backsplash, simply replace the field tile with the Deco Pod where you would like to place a decorative tile. The Deco Pod should be installed using construction adhesive appropriate for bonding metal to sheetrock. (*Liquid Nail for marble and granite works well*)

2) Grout the backsplash accordingly allowing the grout to come to the edges of the Deco Pod. (Make sure the interior of the Deco Pod is free of grout)

3) Peel off the vinyl backing of the pre-cut magnetic sheet and adhere to the deco of your choice. (The decorative tile needs to be clean of oil or dust before applying the magnet. Also, if you are using a porous decorative tile, such as stone, you may want to use a small amount of the construction adhesive for a more secure bond.)

4) Simply install the magnetized decorative tile in the Deco Pod. To change your decorative tile, use your Deco Driver to remove and follow steps 3 and 4 as often as you like.

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